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If your sensitive product requires sterile media supply and a hygienically secure transfer in the process, we have the right solution for you.

Anlagenbau Austria is an expert partner for design and construction of ultra-pure media and sterile systems in accordance with GMP and FDA requirements. Gases, biochemicals, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs and chemicals are crucial elements in hygienic production processes. High-quality products, outstanding customer service and prompt delivery are the foundation for our success, and as one of the leading companies in our field we offer a wide range of customised solutions for your projects – from initial design through to commissioning, our experts are on hand every step of the way. We produce GMP-compliant project documentation following the applicable frameworks, which forms a reliable basis for qualification of your plant, while our in-house quality assurance standards guarantee the project will run smoothly.

  • Coordination and delivery of Basic and Detail Design of sterile and hygienic piping systems for biotechnical and pharmaceutical production facilities. When larger pipe systems are required, we work alongside our design partner.
  • Concept development for primary and secondary support systems for technical and sterile plants – both for piping and for cable routes.
  • Design, manufacture and installation of sterile supply pipes and product transfer pipes.
  • Implementation of special processes for surface treatment of pipes (deep cleaning, derouging and passivation).


If your sensitive product requires sterile supply and a hygienically secure transfer in the process,we have the right solution for you.

Industrial firms primarily use standard stainless steels such as 1.4307, 1.4404 and 1.4571. The resulting pipe networks are crucial for transporting media within production facilities: they supply HVAC systems, process generators and support units with the air, coolant, process water, steam, gas, chemicals and other media they require, and they remove the potentially contaminated waste water produced and/or the exhaust air from the building. Reliable and efficient media supply is the foundation for smooth production processes, and will play a part in the success of your plant.
  • Coordination and delivery of Basic and Detail Design of piping systems for supplying media to production facilities. When larger pipe systems are required, we work alongside our design partner.
  • Design and production of primary and secondary support systems for production facilities in all industrial fields.
  • Manufacture and assembly of pipes for media supply.
  • Coordination and delivery of flushing and cleaning systems for pipe networks.


Modular plant systems offer significant advantages compared to conventional manufacturing and installation processes, as workflows and manufacturing conditions vary considerably from one project to another. As there’s no dependence on previous work in other sectors such as structural engineering and steel construction, manufacturing of the pipe modules can begin at the same time in the manufacturing facility itself, which simplifies time management and cost controls. Manufacturing and assembly in an industrial environment increases safety and reduces risks, as the modules can be built to suit the environment. Safety measures such as fall protection can be implemented and monitored more effectively. Working in a controlled environment without the disruptions of worksites (noise, lighting conditions and contamination) can ensure a higher quality standard. And the FAT process, including pre-defined testing procedures, is a further advantage, as it allows changes or revisions to the process to be identified and implemented before delivery to the worksite. Once complete, all pipes can be pneumatically tested and obtain approval for insulation. And the pipes and fittings are labelled ahead of delivery to the target project – they are normally transported by lorry, but heavy haulers, rail transport or maritime transport can also be used.
  • Creation of conceptual designs for modular media supply systems consisting of pipes, cable routes and ventilation systems.
  • Design and production of steel structures (modules), can be implemented for outside and inside areas with special coatings and/or with the desired RAL colour.
  • Manufacture and testing of the modules at the company site, including coordination and performance of the factory acceptance test (FAT) with the customer.
  • Installation of trace heating in pipes with subsequent pipe insulation and application of media (pipe) labels.
  • Organisation and coordination of transport, including unloading on site and transportation to the installation position.
  • Installation and connection of the individual modules, and testing of the enclosed pipe system with subsequent site acceptance test (SAT).


With our expertise in designing and manufacturing steel structures, plus our outstanding assembly and worksite services, we can give you professional solutions for any engineering project. From taking natural measurements through to detailed design, including structural analysis and testing, we guarantee top-quality results. We produce customised steel structures that meet your needs, including corrosion protection and a final coating in the RAL colour of your choice. Our assembly and worksite service ensures trouble-free installation and provides comprehensive on-site support. Discover what we can do, and find out how you can benefit from our effective, high-quality solutions.
  • We offer steel manufacturing in accordance with EN 1090 EXC2 and ISO 3834-2 for S235 – S355 materials.
  • Creation of detailed designs including the associated work stages such as measurement, concept development, creation of basic designs and revisions of designs.
  • Application of anti-corrosion coating in accordance with DIN EN ISO 12944.
  • Coordination of installation, from delivery through to acceptance.


Discover how we can help you find the perfect piece of the puzzle for your project. As experts in special parts, we offer a comprehensive range of services – from initial development of ideas through to final manufacturing of the part. So whether you need a platform for use in clean rooms, transfer or media panels, or pipe openings, we guarantee top-quality special parts with a long service life which work safely and reliably. Find out what we can do when it comes to developing the perfect component for your project.
  • Conceptual design and development, from idea to prototype.
  • Design and manufacture of special parts for supply and process systems.

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